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How to Add Categories in WordPress (And Subcategories)

When you assign posts to specific categories, it adds more structure to your content. Plus, it makes it easy for visitors to find the content they want and improves your site's overall SEO. In this tutorial, we'll take a closer look at categories and differentiate them from WordPress tags. Then, we'll show you how to add them.

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Dynamic Content in Gutenberg (Block Editor): How to Get It Easily

In this article, you'll learn what dynamic content is and how to add it to your ecommerce site, online magazine, or blog by using Otter Blocks - a free and easy-to-use WordPress plugin. After reading this guide, you'll be able to create, insert, and display dynamic values in the WordPress Gutenberg editor right away.

Best Web Hosting in Nigeria: 5 Top Companies Compared

Are you launching a website in Nigeria? If that's the case, one of the first major decisions you'll need to make is what hosting provider to use. So, you might be searching for the best web hosting in Nigeria. The good news is that there are plenty of quality web hosts in Nigeria and in this post we'll share them with you.

How to Use Shortcodes in WordPress: Beginner’s Guide

Shortcodes are commonly used on many WordPress sites. While they're not essential to your site's operation, they can be incredibly useful to extend its functionality. That's why learning how to use shortcode in WordPress is so important and in this tutorial we're going to teach you how to do it.

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The SEO Framework vs Yoast SEO: Which Is Better in 2023?

Comparing The SEO Framework vs Yoast SEO may seem like a challenge. That's because these are two of the most popular search engine optimization (SEO) plugins for WordPress. But, if you're still on the fence about which SEO plugin to use, this article will help you make an informed decision.

How to AI Generate Images for WordPress (3 Steps)

In this article, we're going to break down the process of using AI-generated images for your website. We'll discuss what to keep in mind when using these types of files and then show you how to AI generate images for your website.

Visual Regression Testing: What It Is, Why and How to Implement It

Visual regression testing ensures that any changes you make to your site don't interfere with the existing structure, features, or interface. In this post, we'll take a closer look at it, including its benefits. Then, we'll show you how to implement it on your website.

How to Change Column Width in WordPress (Beginner’s Guide)

The WordPress Block Editor makes it easy to design your blog posts and pages. An example of this is using the column block to organize elements next to each other. However, how do you then change column width in WordPress and make things appear 100% like you want them to? Find out in this tutorial.

Otter Blocks 2.4: Where AI Meets Content Creation Excellence!

Otter Blocks Version 2.4 is here to revolutionize your content creation journey. In this post, we're going to unveil the incredible features that make Otter Blocks 2.4 a game-changer. These include new AI-powered options in the free version, and additional upgrades like webhook integration (and more) in the Pro version.

How to Use Yoast SEO (Tutorial for Beginners)

If you're looking to improve Search engine optimization (SEO) on your site, Yoast SEO is one of the most popular plugins. However, without following a thorough Yoast SEO tutorial, the settings and features can be overwhelming for beginners. That's why we're taking you through each step of the Yoast SEO setup procedure.

How to Add Meta Tags in WordPress in 3 Different Ways

Meta tags can help search engines crawl and index your pages. However, the default installation of WordPress doesn't contain meta tag data. Don't worry though, because in this tutorial we will teach you how to add meta tags in WordPress using several different methods.

5 Best Green Web Hosting Providers That Really Care

If you're looking for the best green web hosting, that means you want to prioritize hosting that uses renewable energy, is carbon-neutral, and takes other measures to minimize its impact on nature. For this article, we did the research for you. We put together a list of the best green web hosting providers you can use.

How to Check Domain Expiry Date: A Beginner’s Guide

Most of us don't put much thought into our domain names after we've picked and purchased them. But if you're not careful, you can lose ownership of your domain if you don't renew it in time. If your domain name expires, someone else can swoop in and buy it. In this article, we'll show you how to check domain expiry dates so you can secure your website name and protect your brand.

Experience the Magic of Neve 3.7 Sighisoara: What’s New and Exciting!

We're absolutely thrilled to introduce you to something special - Neve 3.7 'Sighisoara.' This release takes its name and inspiration from the enchanting town of Sighisoara in Romania, a place known for its timeless beauty and rich heritage. Join us as we take you on a tour of what's new in Neve 3.7 'Sighisoara' and show you how it can enhance your website-building journey.

How to Create a Content Strategy With ChatGPT

AI tools like ChatGPT are becoming increasingly popular. They can help with research, among many other things. Therefore, you might be wondering how to create content strategy with ChatGPT. In this tutorial, we'll teach you the steps you need to take to get the job done (and we'll also mention an important consideration you should take into account).

What Is Content Decay? (And How to Counteract It)

The question "what is content decay?" can be hard to answer. The simple answer is that content such as articles or tutorials typically has a shelf life. At some point, it becomes outdated or decays - which is bad for your audience and bad for your website. In this post we'll teach you how to counteract it.